First day in Billund II (more photos)

Hello again dear readers! If you were on the Tour with me, thank you for a great time together and I hope you've arrived at your respective destinations safely. And David, did you run back up and buy that 3-in-1 Star Wars set? I know you did... As you've probably noticed, I only managed to post something on here once while I was in Billund. This is entirely due to the fact that there was so much to do, so many people to talk to and so little time to sleep. I'm sorry about that, but my priorities were of course to enjoy myself and make the most out of my stay in Billund. Anyways, now I'm back in Ye Olde Norway and recapping every great moment of the tour. Will do my best to give you the highlights without spoilers for the remaining Tour participants. I won't post everything, but when we receive contact details through the LIT team, I'll be happy to share whatever I have. Please notify me if you are in one of the photos and would like to have it removed from this website, I will be happy to oblige. I will begin with posting some more photos from the first day (Tuesday). Bear in mind that this day had no official programme, so most of the pictures are from the Legoland park. I'm also just figuring out how to optimally use galleries on WordPress, so some of the photos from the first Day 1 post are probably duped below. Be sure to read the image texts whenever they are there for more explanations. Edit May 10th 2015: photos are now more light-weight and I added even more of them.  

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