First day in Billund!

I'm going to write the LIT posts in English so that fellow Tour members can enjoy them later if they wish. Finally the day came! Arrived in Billund at around 1:30 PM after a couple of short flights (from Bergen via Copenhagen). As  I'm writing this I'm in a lovely room at Hotel Legoland with a prime view of Legoland itself.  I've already met two other Tour participants from the UK and New Zealand, and had dinner with them in downtown Billund (which in the evening reminded us of a ghost town). We found out that even restaurant establishments sell the Lego House set, so got that out of the way already. They sell them everywhere!I Earlier I also strolled around Legoland for a couple of hours with Pete (UK) and took a load of pictures. The lifesize X-Wing display was particularly awesome. Even found a replica of the harbour area in the city where I live (Bergen)! Wow! Some of the shots in the park will have to be repeated with a proper camera, which the rain showers prevented me from bringing out today. The hotel provides free WiFi in the rooms, but right now the bandwith is being eaten alive so probably can't post any more pictures than these tonight. In the meantime, enjoy! Will be sure to post more in a later update to Day 1. Edit May 9th 2015: moved photos to a gallery in the next post to save storage space on the web server. Yes I am a cheap bastard.    

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  1. Peter M

    Svein- It was great meeting you. Make sure to tell everyone about your build competition experience.

    1. skybert80 (Post author)

      Thank you, it was great to meet you as well! I will definitely write a passage on the building experience, that was one of my favorite parts of the Tour. Hopefully I’ll be able to write some detailed posts during this weekend and share them with all the participants as soon as I receive contact details. Feel free to add me on Facebook if you like.


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