Going to Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2016!

As the organizers say in their own website (fanweekend.dk): "The big thing is slowly appearing at the horizon. If you turn your head towards southern Jutland you might already see it coming. We don’t know what might happen, what will be displayed, or who will show up - but we do know that we will have a lot of fun!" September 23rd to 26th is hereby reserved for LEGO mania in the small town of Skærbæk in Denmark! It is situated on the west coast of Jutland, about an hour's drive from Billund and near the island Rømø. The idea is that Adult Fans of LEGO from all over the world meet there to have fun, make new connections, display their creations and maybe learn a few tricks. The event has been arranged ten times, and this is my first attendance. I will be lucky enough to meet three friends from last year's LEGO Inside Tour and meet with a bunch of fellow Norwegian LUG members, one of which will take me there in his enormous American pickup truck. 😀 I will get into details in later posts about this event, but here is the short version of the weekend's agenda:
  • Friday: AFOLs arrive and set up their creations to make them ready for display the following day. I'm bringing three spaceships and a huge Alien! (Pictures in next post, hopefully...)
  • Saturday: The exhibition is open to the public. Meanwhile, there will be different workshops and talks from people who work at LEGO where the AFOLs can attend. After the exhibition there will be a 'dark hour', which means the lights in the exhibition hall will be switched off so all the creations with built in lights can be awesomized! In the evening, there will be a festive dinner, auctions and party!
  • Sunday: More exhibition for the public and possibly more workshops.
  • Monday: time to go home, but there will be P-shop (employee store) in Billund first...oh the horror...
Damn I'm looking forward to this! Take a look at the SFW 2016 category in the blog menu later to check out my reports.      

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