Lego Inside Tour – Day 3

May 7th 2015. This was probably the most busy day of them all, I counted 20 entries in the schedule for this day. I have to say I was a bit tired in the morning due to the late night building event, but I was able fight it off after a few cups of coffee and some interesting presentations. We had to hand in our phones and cameras several times due to confidentiality, and I am not able to disclose everything we saw, but I'll try to summarize. First, we were off to LEGO headquarters in Åstvej. As you can see in the gallery below, they have an amazing lobby. Then we handed in our cameras before having a couple of interesting presentations that came out just fine after Pete provided his excellent IT support skills to the LIT team. Next, a guided tour of the LEGO moulding factory at Kornmarken where we also weren't allowed to take pictures. Still, if you want to recap some of the things we saw, there is actually a Youtube video from the same factory out there: In addition, there is a National Geographic Mega Factories episode about LEGO: Next, we had a bus transfer to LEGO Facilities at Havremarken. This is where, among other things, the warehouse and corporate IT are located. We were shown around the place, and they had a very interesting inspirational wall along the way. After seeing the warehouse itself, a little "mind clearing" surprise awaited us. You have to go on the Tour to see what I mean. 😉  Next up, also at Havremarken, we had a very interesting session on building instructions and then lunch. After a short presentation on the LEGO Foundation, we were transferred to the LEGO employee shop. The employee shop deserves a paragraph of it's own. Some of us had been preparing for this for quite some time, I even made a spread sheet to convert currency and calculate savings. Of course I forgot to print the damn thing and I only had it on my phone, which was dutifully left in the bus. I still got most of what I wanted. I'm not at liberty to disclose details about prices and how much discount you get, but suffice to say - it is substantial for most people. Upon entering the shop, my heart was definitely racing. Finally, I can relate to people standing in line outside shops with crazy offers, waiting for it to open. Some of us actually ran up to the shelf with Star Wars UCS sets and modular buildings and started grabbing stuff at once.  It turned out the shop was well stocked and well organized, so there was really no reason to panic and we could take our time.  In the end, I'd made a pile of boxes close to my own height. That's when I dediced that I need to get the heck out of here before I have to remorgage my house. Collectively, the group (35 people) broke the Lego Inside Tour spending record. We ended up somewhere close to 150.000 DKK according to reliable sources. Well done!  Tip for later tour participants: check out the discount shelf. You also get to ship one pretty big box back home free of charge (no unboxing allowed). Transfer back to the hotel, and we had a couple of hours on our own. On my part, these were busily spent with unboxing some of what I got in the employee shop. Afterwards, we had dinner with the designers at the Legoland Grill House. We got LEGO brick shaped fries, some tasty grilled meat and a salad buffet. Then, on to one of the other highlights of the tour - the LEGO Inside Tour Award Show! Even though you'll find some photos below, I'll cover the award show in the next post, where I also will provide some more pictures, courtesy of  fellow participant Sebastien Doneux. In the gallery below, you will also find some shots of my building competition entry.

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