Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2016 report

This is by far the most fun LEGO event I've been to so far! From the moment we (myself, Pete and Morten) arrived on Friday of the last weekend in September, when we were greeted by my Danish friend Anders (whom we stayed with) to when we left on Monday, I had a great time. I got to meet a bunch of people from my LUG whom I hadn't met IRL before, which was great, and also saw MeganL who was on last year's LEGO Inside Tour with me. She wrote a great account on her SFW experience on Brickset, (which I'll provide a link to further down in this post). On Friday, there was getting familiar with the surroundings and setting up MOCs in the Skærbæk Fritidscenter exhibition halls. I was the only one in my travelling party who brought MOCS, so I have to pester my friends next year! There is a Flickr gallery below with a lot of MOCs from the event, but it seems I didn't include my own models except from one. Looks like I'll be making another post later to have this covered! Already from this moment, I got a feel for the friendly and easy-going atmosphere which comes with this event. In the evening, we were able to pick up a 10 kg box of random bricks each at the onsite LEGO store, which was an exiting feature. There was trading and bartering for parts later on with fellow LUG members. On Saturday, after breakfast in the cabin, it was off to the exhibit halls to talk to other AFOLs, go to a couple of interesting talks with LEGO staff, look at amazing creations and buy more LEGO at the nicely priced popup LEGO store at the event. In the evening there was an exciting auction with lots of rare and desirable LEGO and LEGO related items. I threw in bids for at least four items, but didn't win anything. Nevertheless, a cool experience with fun auction hosts. The night ended with a party in cabin number 1, which is a long lived tradition at the event. Here we could sample different alcoholic beverages from many countries brought by the participants. A nice way to meet fellow AFOLs from other countries! Sunday, much like Saturday, was spent roaming the exhibit halls and buying even more LEGO. On Monday we had another great shopping opportunity before heading north to Hirtshals again in Morten's humongously sized Chevy Silverado. Which was bursting with LEGO (we had to stop and unbox stuff to fit everything in)! I absolutely have to extend thanks to Lluis, Caspar, Stephan and Thomas for organizing the event of a lifetime. It was the first time I had models on display at an event outside Bergen (and Norway even), and I'm definitely hungry for more! Will try my best to go back next year and meet my LEGO friends again! The only downside is that it can be a bit of a pain to get accomodation close to the Fritidscenter, all cabins are usually pre-booked for the following year while this year's event is going on! Now go read these two reports on Brickset for more detailed descriptions of what went on at the event and a proper review! They are great reads. Also check out my photos from the event below. If I find more interesting pics on my phone, I'll add them later! Bye for now! Huw's report! MeganL's report!

Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2016

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