Cleaning LEGO bricks

LEGO bricks definitely need cleaning from time to time. Especially if you've bought a used pile or if the kids have played with it without washing their hands. The safest way to wash is by hand. Use a mild detergent (whatever you use for normal dishwashing) and soak them for a while in lukewarm water inside a bucket or similar. If it's too hot, you risk warping the bricks. LEGO recommend below 40 degrees Celsius. I usually leave them in for about an hour, depending on how dirty the lot is and stir from time to time. When I think the bricks have soaked enough, I pour them through a colander while risning with cold water to avoid anything getting lost in the drain and to get rid of whatever dirt and dust came loose. Extra dirty bricks can be scrubbed with a nail scrub brush, although you might risk a few scratches. Afterwards, leave to air dry on a towel. To speed up the process, stir the bricks around, put them in a warm room or near an electric shoe dryer. A hair dryer can be useful too, as long as you keep it at a proper distance, as it can get pretty hot. If you feel the need to sanitize the bricks, use a mild bleach and rinse well. Be sure to not soak electrical parts such as cables, motors and battery compartments. These can be wiped with alcohol. Also pay attention to parts with stickers that you want to keep for later, as these may come loose if you leave them in the water for too long. Sources: (More to read here in Norwegian)

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